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Thursday, July 17, 2003

TNT Report

Two 5o5 teams – Team White Trash and Team Don’t Pinch - battled it out this past Thursday night, competing alongside Doug on his FD.  Actually Team Don’t Point was late to the start, so Maria Jenkins and Chris just waved “hello” to speedy Geoff and his crew as they passed us going downwind while we traveled upwind, and vice versa.  Overall, it was a pretty interesting night to sail, with the wind spinning from the west to the south unpredictably.  As we headed to Mark 5 with the kite up, suddenly we hit a huge shift and had to drop the kite and ended beating directly to the mark.  It was fun and kind of weird at the same time.  Maria and I took turns driving and crewing and I learned once again NOT to kick open the bailer as we sail.  That’s not a good thing.  Fortunately, only our feet got wet, and we had a good time out there. 

Doug won the race, but never collected his trophy.  Edna Johnson told me Geoff was offered the prize, but graciously turned it down because Doug had actually won.  Very cool. 

-Chris Shand