505 FLEET 3


Hosted By

Dan, Denise, Kyle and Zachary

December 16, 2006


1.   RULES

The party will be governed by the Rules of having Fun (ROF) the

Prescriptions of the Party Association of America (PAOA), the rules of the local 505 Class

(That means anything goes). The party is designated category C.


2.1           All people who receive these instructions will be allowed entry as well as their friends, family and SO’s (that means all are welcome).

2.2           Only those bearing a white elephant gift during entry will be allowed to participate in the white elephant gift exchange. For more info on White Elephant Gifts see the FAQ’s at the end of this message


As if you really need them. But just in case…

1. Open Mouth

2. Pour beer into fore mentioned orifice.

3. Swallow

4. Repeat as necessary.



2:00 PM Begin Partying

4:30PM White Elephant gift exchange

TBD     End of party



6119 Tarragona Dr

SD 92115


From North county… Take 8 East exit college and go south (right), pass El Cajon Blvd and turn east (left) on Adelaide. Turn right on Tarragona, (Tarragona curves left into Carling Way), turn right again on Tarragona. House is on the right side

From South Bay… Take 94 East exit college and go North (exit loops around so you can’t help it) Pass University and turn right on Adelaide, right on Tarragona, (Tarragona curves left into Carling Way), turn right again on Tarragona. House is on the right side



The kegarator will be flowing at full force (free beer). Turkeys will be torched (a spectacle in itself). Entertainment depends on the amount of beer consumed. Your results may vary.   Appetizers, side dishes and alternate beverages are encouraged.


Please RSVP to

Principal Party Officer     Dan Merino

or Party Chairperson    Denise Merino


Q: The Midnight Express and the A Train are 550 km apart.   Each leaves

the station at the same time, the Midnight Express going 50 km/h and the A Train going 60 km/h.

 How long is it until they meet?

A: 5 hours

Q:   What is a “White Elephant Christmas Party” anyhow?

A: A White Elephant Christmas party is a party in which participants bring a wrapped used item (typically something they were trying to get rid of) with the intent of unloading it on another unsuspecting participant…

Q:   What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

A:   42.


Q:   What are some examples of White Elephant Gifts?

A: Remember the collection of peanuts you have that resemble past presidents (which by the way didn’t sell at your last garage sale)? That would be a white elephant gift. Or how about the ceramic Bart Simpson on a surfboard you bought across the border that you swore would become a collector’s item. That too would be a White Elephant gift. It’s basically anything you have laying around the house or garage that you have no need for or have been unsuccessful at selling/giving away in the past.

Beware though, these gifts can be recycled year after year and somewhere down the road you may end up with it again. Donny Osmond 8-tracks are still in circulation at some parties.


Q: I’m such an efficient person that I don’t have any useless items at home, what do I do?

A: You may purchase a gift and wrap it, however the spending limit maximum of $10.00 is strictly enforced.   Hint: 99 Cent stores offer a wide variety of useless crap.  


Q: Sally’s hair is brown, her dad drives a Mercedes. What is the name of the neighbor’s dog?

A: The neighbors don’t own a dog because the Condo Association does not allow it.

Q: Are there any rules associated with the gift exchange?

A: When you arrive, your name will be put into a hat (or some sort of container) providing you show up with a gift. The gift will be put into a pile until the gift exchange at 4:30PM. At 4:30PM we will pull names from the hat at which time, when your name is pulled, you may take a gift and open it. The next person whose name is pulled can either take the gift you have just opened (at which time you may take another) or choose from the pile (no pun intended), until everyone has opened a gift. A gift may only be bogarted a maximum of three times. YOU MUST TAKE YOUR GIFT HOME AT THE END OF THE EVENING. Violators will be forced to have Geoff maintain their boat or vehicle.

Q: I’ve taken home some totally useless crap in the past from this party… what gives?

A: Exactly…