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Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club regatta.

June 7&8, 2003

Here's a quick report on the regatta in Cabrillo Beach this weekend, which was the Fleet 3 B regatta for June. The regatta was held at CBYC in San Pedro, two hours up the freeway.

Ten boats raced, and there were 7 races all together - 4 on Saturday and 3 today. The first race yesterday was sailed in 8 knots with chop. (There was lots of chop all the time from all the boats going in and out of LA Harbor.) Fellow San Diegan Dave Chatham led part way around the course, which was a three-loop WL. But the race was won by Dan Thompson and Andy Zinn. Thompson and Zinn showed great speed throughout the weekend, in all conditions, and won 5 of the races.

After race 1, the wind gradually picked up to about 15kts, then backed off a couple of knots for race 4. Great sailing - planing upwind, great wire running downwind. The only problem being that it was pretty cold, colder than the PCCs. The current came and went all weekend. Sometimes it was only strong near the weather mark and the racing was very tactical, and sometimes it swept the whole course making for the famous Brawl for the Wall.

Dan and I struggled on Saturday, even in the light air opener. We had a few moments of brilliance, but mostly were pretty mediocre. There were some hardware problems and general program weakness. Ended the day in 7th place. But, as I said, the sailing was great and lots of fun planing around.

Here's what makes CBYC such a great place to sail - besides the wind, of course. When we got back to the dock on Saturday, Andy Zinn's mom and dad and the CBYC rear commodore had a cooler full of beer and a bbq covered with hot dogs going for the 505 sailors. That was awesome after a hard day of sailing.

On Sunday the wind never made it over 8kts. In fact, the RC almost pulled the plug after the first agonizing race. But they stuck it out and the wind picked up enough to get two more single lap races in. Zinn and Thompson continued to sail very fast. Dan and I finally managed to get some boat speed going and were third overall for the day. We took second in the first race after being last briefly on the first beat.

We enjoyed the free snacks at the YC before the trophy presentation, then hit the highway and made it home before 8:30.

Make sure you have the next regatta scheduled - June 22 for the MBYC Ocean series. This is the June A regatta and will be the 3rd event in the Fleet Championship series, so don't miss out on those valuable points. It is also a MBYC trophy event.

CBYC final standings:
1  Dan Thompson, Andy Zinn   7

2  Andy Beekman, Ben Benjamin  15

3  Doug Hagan, Ben?  21

4  Kevin Taugher, Chuck Tripp  25

5  Dave Chatham, Jeff Nelson  26

6  Bill Jenkins, Dan Merino  28

7  Adam Lowry, Dave Byron  38

8  Payson Infelise, Rob Waterman 47

9  Brad Wheeler, Bill Mais  49

10 Pierre Jeangirand, Paul von Grey  57


Bill Jenkins