Text Box: 4th Annual

505 Bay To Bay Regatta – 2002

Mission Bay to San Diego Bay CA

May 4th, 2002








Notice of Race






The 4th annual Bay to Bay regatta will be held on May 4th, 2002, and all interested 505 sailors are invited to join in the fun.  This is a one day 25-mile distance event that starts at the south jetty of Mission Bay channel, proceeds south around the #3 buoy at the entrance to San Diego Bay, continues through San Diego Bay, around the middle pier of the Coronado Bay Bridge, returning to the finish at Shelter Island in the northern end of San Diego Bay.  Breakfast goodies will be provided at check-in on Saturday morning, and racers will finish with a Transpac-style greeting and luau.


This regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing: 2001- 2004 of the International Sailing Federation, the Prescriptions of US SAILING; the Rules of Int. 505 Class Association, the American Section Supplemental Rules, and by the Sailing Instructions (In the event of a conflict in rules, the Sailing Instructions, or complete whim on the part of organizers will override).



07:00-08:30     Registration/Launching/Breakfast

08:30-09:30     Trailer Shuttle to San Diego Bay and return

09:30-10:00     “Skipper’s” meeting

11:50               Warning – 5min sequence

12:00               Start

19:00               Post Race Festivities


Measurement: All boats must at least resemble a 505.


Trophies:  Two perpetual trophies will be awarded, First to Finish – the venerable Cupboard Door currently held by the nefarious Team Weasel, and the Tail End Charlie currently defended skulkingly by Team Free Bee – formerly Team Butt Crack.  In addition there is the record time to beat of 4h:15m:45s set in 2000 by Team Weasel, and another beautiful perpetual trophy commemorating the record time donated in the time-honored Roy Disney tradition by Dan Merino.  Trophies will be awarded for top places in the Classic and regular divisions. This year it’s rumored that there will also be a “cruising class” (anyone who sails with their “significant other”). All pre-registered boats will receive finisher trophies. Pre-registration deadline is April 27, 2002.


Required gear:  All sailors must wear a PFD at all times during the race, each boat must carry a compass, and some sort of signaling device.  Life rings, rescue slings, bolt-cutters, MOB buoys, life-lines, jack-lines, Sextant, VHF, SSB, Weatherfax, survival suits and EPIRBS are all optional.


Registration:      The entry fee for this race is $35.00. Fee is payable the morning of the event. Participants should be members of the 505 American Section.  Entry fee includes breakfast goodies, dinner and VooDoo punch at the Luau, bragging rights, and hangover from the party. . To pre-register please send an email to B2B@sandiego505.com on or before April 27, 2002 indicating your intention to race, hull number and skipper / crew names.


Housing:           Visitors may contact Bill Jenkins at racehousing@sandiego505.com for information on whose floor you will be sleeping on.


Unofficial Course Chart:



 Special Thanks to Sailing Supply for their support with this race