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SanDiego505 - Big Spinnaker Test on Classic Parker

Mike Jue - Team Taz

Last Thursday, Dan, Bill J., John, and I brought a new big spinnaker from Ullman down to the club. Our task was to check to see if it would fit on the older Parkers which as many of you know has the smallest launcher tubes in the fleet. Happily, we report that the BS fit nicely into Sneaky Pete. We found a few tips made hoisting and dousing much easier. These same things make this easier with a regular chute too and should always be done.

  • Crew holds and eases sheets to keep the corners from going down the tube early.

  • Hoisting.

  • Pull the tack out first as you get the sheet onto the pole, then hoist the halyard.

  • Boat

  • Use a sock attached to the end of the fiberglass tube to keep the chute organized.
  • We found that without the sock, the chute bunched up going into the aft end of the tube and would jam. The sock keeps everything nice and skinny and allows an easy hoist.

    Special thanks to Chris Shand for allowing us to use her boat.