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SanDiego505 - SCRA April Regatta Report

Sunday, April 7 2001

Conditions - pleasant and sunny, 8-10kt westerlies with lots of little holes in them (short spell of 12 for 3rd race) and a steady shift south late in the afternoon.  Short triangle-sausages were the order of the day.

The results along with championship standings are here

We had a great showing for this regatta,  seven boats, mostly big spinnakers, good breeze and good competition.  Of course the Weasels kept wondering why all those people in Lidos were on the starting line with them and why they were following them around the course.    Jue and Lovett  traded places early on.  Roger looked really fast several times and stayed near the thick of it.   Everyone kept on looking at Roger's spinnaker and wondering what a Lido kite was doing on a 505 - did the old ones really look that small.  Mike and Mark of course would have you believe it was their excellent breast stroke that made them faster.   Taz rounded with the fast boats in a couple of races - so you guys better keep one over your shoulder or the Devil may bite you.  Mental Floss mostly got flossed, but they gave Freebie a hard time in races four and five.

The Billings, Schnelker, and Stomberg boats were back at it again - trading places regularly during most of the races.  Billings checked out early with a hole in his main.  Despite Schnelker and Liebat's early technical difficulties, Billings managed to meet their DNC/DNF combo and raise them one DNC.  The Johns were trying out the BS for the first time and appeared quite fast.  Stomberg and Henke managed to hang on despite some really really second-row starts (one involving having to dodge Wally in his FD ).   In one start we finally had the boat end to ourselves, got a nice clean start and were really psyched.   That is, until we figured out that the wind had backed about 30-deg left and everyone was at the pin end and sailing on the lay line for the weather mark.  Oops.  That was race four.  As the results attest, when all three boats were in the race, there were no gimmies.

There were many tight roundings at the weather and wing marks where getting clear air, staying high, and getting the kite up quickly were decisive - (duh!!).    This was a really good, solid day of racing for everyone.  Where's the Advil?

See you guys at the B2B.

Thanks to SCRA and Navy yacht club for a fine fun event.