Text Box:  8th Annual

505 Bay To Bay Event 2006

Mission Bay to San Diego Bay CA

April 15th, 2006



Notice of Sailing Event

Welcome All: The 8th annual Bay-to-Bay event will be held on April 15, 2006. All interested 505 sailors, skiff sailors, dinghy sailors, posers, and wannabes are invited to join in the fun.   This is a one-day, 25-mile distance event from the Mission Bay channel entrance around Point Loma to Shelter Island in San Diego Bay via the Coronado Bay Bridge.

Governing Authority: The event will be governed by the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, the Racing Rules of Sailing: 2005-2008 of the International Sailing Federation, the Prescriptions of US SAILING, the Rules of the Int. 505 Class Association, the American Section Supplemental Rules, and other class rules if necessary, and by the Sailing Instructions. In the event of a conflict in rules, the complete whim of last year’s third finisher will override.

Course:   See the course chart at the end of this Notice. Start between the end of the South Mission Bay Jetty and the Mission Bay Entrance Buoy. Round San Diego Harbor Buoy #3 to Port. Round Tower #19 of the Coronado Bay Bridge to Port. Finish by leaving the navigational dolphin directly off the SW end of Shelter Island to Starboard. Beware of kelp and fishing boats off Point Loma; cruise ships, warships, and freighters in the SD Bay channel; unmarked fish sanctuaries near North Island; and victims of the real estate slump under the Bay Bridge. Bring enough water and food for at least 6 hours (just in case). Don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake.

Post Race Festivities: Our good friends over at Sailing Supply have invited us for a “Beer and Pupus” reception in their parking lot afterwards. Be sure to buy lots of stuff from them when you’re in the area next time.


Boat Retrieval: Retrieve at San Diego YC or the public launch ramp on Shelter Island (the traditional location). In case negotiations for SDYC fall through, the inimitable Dan Merino has arranged for use of the shower facilities at Silvergate YC. In case a full de-rig and haul-away doesn’t happen for you before bedtime, the always helpful folks at Sailing Supply will allow the use of their parking lot for overnight storage should any competitors select that option. Envision unrigging there while the festivities happen. You can haul a boat, mast up, to Sailing Supply from the public launch ramp. Not so sure about the route from SDYC.



0800-0900                                                       Launch

0900-1000                                                       Trailer convoy to San Diego Bay and return

1000-1030                                                       “Skipper’s” meeting

1157                                                                 Warning – 3 minute sequence

1200                                                                 Start

1700 (or thereabouts)                                                Post Race Festivities at Sailing Supply.

Measurement: All boats must resemble a 505 from no more than 1 mile away with one eye closed.

Awards:  Two perpetual awards will be made, First to Finish – the venerable Cupboard Door currently held by the verminous Team Weasel - and the Tail End Charlie - currently defended by Carte Blanche.   In addition there is the record time to beat of 3h:48m:15s, set in 2002 by Team Weasel (aka Team Phlegm). Awards will be handed out for top places in the 505 Classic and regular divisions. Other classes may present awards as well. Special awards will be handed out as deemed necessary.

Safety: Note that this event is not sponsored by any organizing authority. There may or may not be an escort boat to follow the fleet around the course. All participants are responsible for the safety of themselves, their crew, driver, and shore support team, and are responsible for any damage to their boat. The decision to sail is the responsibility of the participants based on weather and sea conditions, sea worthiness of the boat, and their own skill.   All sailors should wear a PFD at all times while sailing, and all boats should be equipped with all legally required safety gear. A flashlight, towline, and compass are all strongly recommended. Flares, rescue slings, bolt-cutters, MOB buoys, life-lines, jack-lines, Sextant, VHF, SSB, Weatherfax, survival suits and EPIRBS are all optional. Don’t blame anyone but yourself if things go badly.

Registration:   A fee will be charged to cover gas for the escort boat (if there is one) and awards. Fee is payable the morning of the event.

Wussing Out Midway:

Participants have the option to bail out midway and make a beeline for the dock at SDYC or launch ramp on Shelter Island upon entering SD Bay.   While those who choose this option will gain the premature benefit of cold beverages and modern plumbing, they will forfeit their standing as bold and capable seamen, and be branded with scarlet DNF's on their foreheads by the participants manly enough to complete the whole course.

Overnight Boat Storage:   Post-race, all trailered 505s may be left overnight in the strategically located parking lot of Sailing Supply, a mere neoprene boot's throw from the race finish.   It is recommended that all thirsty sailors (redudant?) park their yachts there after the race so as to make most efficient use of time during the post race activities hence forth, etcetera and so on.

Yachts must be removed from said lot the next day, else risk being parted out and/or sold for scrap by the Sailing Supply staff come Monday morning.

Lodging: Out of town sailors will be housed by the San Diego 505 fleet. Contact Bill at d-jenkins@sbcglobal.net or anyone else in the fleet.

Printable (and "offical") NOR (with some graphics) in MS *doc form link.